Extra-wide layout

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  • If there are too many modules, some modules will be auto moved to display under the content block so that your layout will always be nice.
  • The settings is the same is for 3 layout types (extra-wide, wide and normal)
{codecitation} /* Main Content */ #ja-content { width: 720px; /* 3 grids */ } .ja-frontpage #ja-content { width: 480px; /* Frontpage Content 2 grids */ } {/codecitation}

viagra meladze mp3 {codecitation} <?php // Add css for this extra-wide layout $this->addCSS ('css/layout-extra-wide.css', 'only screen and (min-width:1440px)'); {/codecitation}


{codecitation} .main { max-width: 1440px !important; width: 1440px !important; } #ja-main { width: 1200px ; float: left; } {/codecitation}

{codecitation} position-7, position-5 extra-col {/codecitation}